Reborn Rich

Yoon Hyun-Woo has worked for Soonyang Conglomerate for more than 10 years. His job mainly consists of taking care of the family that runs the company. His work is similar to that of a servant, but he is falsely accused of embezzlement by the conglomerate family. He is then shot and killed while on a business trip overseas. The next moment, Yoon Hyun-Woo finds himself in the body of the family's youngest son Jin Do-Joon. He decides to take revenge on the Soonyang Conglomerate family and also run the company. Title: 재벌집 막내아들 / Jaebeoljip Maknaeadeul Also known as: The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate / Chaebol Family's Youngest Son Genre: Fantasy, period, revenge, drama Episodes: 16 Broadcast network: JTBC Broadcast period: 2022-Nov-18 to 2022-Dec-25

Details of Movie

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